Alternative Moped Stereos

With all this talk about putting stereos on mopeds, I thought someone might find this link interesting:

Also, It's probably a bad idea but does anyone use sports radio/cassette/cd player with headphones?

Let's get together a list of moped stereo options and then maybe someone can compile them and list it as an article.


I just purchased this stereo for $17 (including shipping) on Ebay that has an amp, that runs off 4 AA batteries, that connects to a portable audio device, and two speakers that velcro onto the handlebars. They list it as the Discman motorcycle sound system, I think, and they come up often and don't go for much. I still have yet to recieve mine, but even if the sounds quality really sucks at least I will not have wasted a lot of money. Still, I'll post back with my thoughts on it as soon as it arrives and as soon as I finish resealing the gas tank on my Express.

Re: Alternative Moped Stereos

sports walkman with headphones?! you want a system OTHER people can hear as well. cars are one thing and anyone can put a system on them but ped, they make a statement and people say "you rock!" nothing beats driving down merchant st. (the main street in my town) on the chappy blairing Led zepplin or some VH @ 200 watts @ 12:00 AM. take the advice...

dave h

if you need help, search 60 days for how i hooked it up or email me and ill send you a wiring diagram path.

Re: Alternative Moped Stereos

I would never ride my moped while wearing headphones. My helmet covers my ears anyway, and does a good job of blocking out wind noise--and just about everything else. I'd imagine that wearing headphones while driving a moped is illegal in most states anyway.

Still, it would be cool to have a radio on my 'ped though for those times I'm riding out in the boonies. There are so many things to watch out for on your moped when you're riding in traffic that it might be a bit dangerous to have a radio going too. At least, that's how I feel about it. Maybe Wayne does too?

Re: Alternative Moped Stereos

I'm up for info on moped stereos. I'd love at least a radio, possible a CD player on my moped. And with there has to be something out there... If anyone find anything, please post it!

Re: Alternative Moped Stereos

I found a motorcycle stereo that could be used on a moped

all it needs isa 12 volt power source

it's at

looks expensive but you can either buy their 4" speakers and deck or your own speakers.

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