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<HTML>Does anyone know very much about the quality of suzki mopeds. I might be able to get a guy in my area to part with his ped for real cheap. The only problem: no title. Could this have some ramifications later? Are suzuki's known for decent quality. As soon as I get more information from the guy I will post it. Thanks


RE: suzuki mopeds


go ahead and buy it if it runs. suzuki anything usually run well and if you need

parts and service you can always run down to your local suzuki dealer and get

them with ease.

having a moped with no title is no big deal. i have bought many that way and

if i really needed a title on one i go thru this company in las vegas to get a title.

it usually costs me $75.00 for a title so keep that in mind if you buy this moped

that it will cost you another 75 to title it and more to get tags and such. but,

in the end it works out--a totally legal moped . e-mail me later and i can look

up the address of the company that does the titles---i am at the library


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