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Hi,Wayne! I'm so sorry to hear about the troubles you've had.I've been off work sick for near 3 wks. and just got back on the computer today.I think that when people reach 72 or so they should be re-tested for driving abilities.Their hearing goes,their eyesight,their coordination and reflexes,and mental alertness.I'm not saying all people over 70 are BAD drivers,but I think they should be re-tested to make sure.My wife and I did three surveys informally on long trips to see who were the laxest of drivers.All three surveys agreed that the worst drivers (criteria was changing lanes without signaling)were `toy truck' drivers and foreign car drivers,followed by `hot car' drivers(mustangs,camaros,etc.)Of course by `toy trucks' I mean trucks that are not working trucks,but the ones people buy to play in.(Blazers,broncos,jeeps,toymotors,etc.)Of course we couldn't count people by age while going down the road 60 mph in our car.Many times changing lanes without signalling would go hand in hand with speeding and tailgating.My wife did the writing down of all data as she doesn't know car makes and doesn't have 20-15 vision like I do.When people used signals it was marked down in the `passed' column for that make and model.So every observed opportunity to use their signals was graded.If we saw a driver make a proper lane change,but then make an improper one we erased the good mark and failed him(her).SO WATCH OUT for `TOY TRUCK', FOREIGN CAR, and HOT CAR drivers.These 3 unofficial but exacting tests we did convinced me of that.OH! And big LINCOLNS and Cadillacs scored pretty badly too.The best rated drivers we saw were in Ford Windstars,Mercury Villagers,and Dodge Caravans in that order,along with big non-luxury sedans.Wayne,I'm glad you're still with us `cause I'd hate to lose our resident `gadget man' ! GET WELL!

Re: Accident

Wayne Broderick /


I've noticed the same things about drivers. I also discovered something else when we were talking about kids, and driving with the parents I work with.

Female Teen Tailgating: She has no idea she's tailgating, is just in a hurry, and is thinking about the new dress or if her new sunglasses look cool

Male Teen Tailgating: Knows he's tailgating, is trying to piss you off and see how much he can get away with--

I've tested this by looking at the driver behind me. The young ladies smile, as though they have no idea they're on your bumper. Kind of a "Hi, what's up? aren't my sunglasses cool??"

They young men give you a look like "yep, I'm tailgating, do you have a problem with it??"

I know I shouldn't have had my license at 15, and I was a pretty good kid.

Re: Accident

Yeah,Wayne,that is pretty well said.That doesn't speak well for driver's ed. does it?You know that the worst thing about a lot of teen drivers(Please,I'm not trying to bash here)is that they haven't found out yet that you can lose,TOTALLY LOSE,the control of a car. Until that happens to them or anybody who hasn't experienced it,they are way too bold and daring to be really safe drivers.Example:Myself at 17 yrs.old(yeah dark ages, I know)going lickety-split down a snow covered road,taking a SLIGHT curve too fast,nearly missing a ROAD-GRADER machine and the car hitting a driveway culvert and turning up on it's side,throwing me into my buddy and him into me until our ribs hurt like crazy.Think I didn't learn the hard way? And if I would have hit that big grader,well...........`Slow down and live' ; Truer words were never smoked.Get well Wayne!

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