TOMOS Guru's needed

Hi all,

i have this 87 G Bullet very slow compared to my Puch.Never really worked on Tomos.Just some ????. It's starts right up. Out of the hole its alittle slow,when it goes to 2nd gear doesn't have make ether ,at top end it does some bogging.all in all top speed is about 22mph.Disappointing,

here is what i am situp at .

points - .016 sprocket frt.26 rear 22

plug - NGK B5hs carb reBuilt #57 jet

Compression- 100-105 decarbonized

I'm not puttin a new bi. exhaust on tell i get more out of it. Thats guys for any input. thanks Ree Dan

Re: TOMOS Guru's needed

try geting a smaller jet. The stock tomos jets for the Delorta Sha carbs are #52. A #57 would be the cause of a overly rich mixture, resulting in bogging and bad top speed. Try adjusting the compression also. Good Luck.

Re: TOMOS Guru's needed

Drop your exhaust and I bet the engne speed at idle really increases,,,plugged exhaust will give lots of problems...dougD

Re: TOMOS Guru's needed

Reeperette /

>> points - .016

Crack em - .0180 to .0200 (dependin on which works for ya)

That's a mild advance for better topend.

>>sprocket frt.26 rear 22'

Stock, no prob - I'd go 27 front with a stock rear.

>>plug - NGK B5hs

Chuck it, replace with Bosch W8AC

>>carb reBuilt

Upgrade from the Stock DelLorto (12mm?) to like, 15mm Amal.

>>#57 jet

Yowza!, too rich...51#-#53 stock...but save that #57 for when the BiTurbo goes on !

>>Compression- 100-105

Flawless...don't mess with it, milling the head won't get you no more.


Didja check the port from the cylinder ? that tends to clog up too.

>>all in all

Mostly your mix is too rich, is the problem, but the resta that should help too.



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