I need to figure out, how to get my lights and hor

I have a 77 Puch Maxi-Luxe and the guy that I bought it from,said that the lights and horn worked, before this cable that connects on the left of the handle bars, broke loose. So basically, I have no electric, and this cable that is not attached to the screw thing that is located next to the left brake lever. Can anyone help me? Please! I need to get the brake light working before I can ride on the street.


Re: I need to figure out, how to get my lights and

Hi,Chris! Sounds like basic electrical disconnection and any decent mechanic should be able to reconnect it for you.Also get a shop manual if you're going to keep it.BYE!

Re: I need to figure out, how to get my lights and

if the cable is just loose (or even broken) you can fix it yourself. did the lights work before? if so, then that loose/broken wire is your only problem.

ok, if it's just loose, then reconnect it. there might be two wires. so there are two possible combinations. plug them in, turn your moped on, check for lights.

if the wire is broken (and how would that happen?) ... then just splice the wires together. shouldn't be difficult at all.

best way to connect wires is w/ connectors. any hardware store or even mega-store (like meijer in midwest) should have them. if you wires aren't connected that way, get some. should be easy.

hope this helps.

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