This thing is what you ride instead of a moped in the winter up here in the N'East!


Re: SnoPed?

that thing is truely sick. where did you get that and how much? does it have a drive like a snowmobile and does it ever get stuck? how much does it hold? what size is the engine and is it one speed?

i want it


Re: SnoPed?

I don't know where you can get one but I found some info here:

Re: SnoPed?

Dave, They are kind of hard to find these days. Look on ebay. Sometimes they are there. I got this one from an old woman whos husband had died. He rode it once back in 1981 when he bought it new and then hung it from the floor joists in his garage ceiling! Evidently he didn't like it. It was like brand new yet it was 20 years old!

The scoot was made by Chrysler for a short time in the late 70's and early 80's. Its a 2 stroke 134cc engine. It carries up to 300lbs and does roughly 35mph. It has high and low beam and a tail light as well as rear handlebar mounted brakes. It doesn't get stuck too easily but if it does it doesn't weigh much. Here's a friend of mine riding it last winter. You have to grin from ear to ear riding this thing!!ulhwpwesAsQmVytDIXWA6J1ge1fTkQXhRsCFRws/donS.jpg

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