Raised by a pack of wild Derbis


I know a man from Spain who has been riding, fixing and tricking scooters all his life. I was wondering if anyone new of a job for him in a garage or race track? Right now he is in the Service where he repairs helicopters, so he won't be here in the States until next summer, but I would really appreciate if you all would keep an ear out for a job.



RE: Raised by a pack of wild Derbis

<HTML>Not to sound funny, but, with that kind of trade skill, why not help him become a master of his own destiny and have his own small motors style company. Why would he want to be slaving away for someone else to make a profit off of him. I do not want to be pessimistic, just give him logical advice. Remember, you will never make millions working for anyone, unless he fine tunes his skills to become a debt free master. Cheers.</HTML>

RE: Raised by a pack of wild Derbis

<HTML>Well the thing is, I dont have the capital to help him set up his own company or shop, which is his big dream-besides racing. He was hoping that working in a garage or track would help him get a foot in the door and make contacts. He's young and still has time to make millions. Thanks for the advice Charlie. Cheers.</HTML>

RE: Raised by a pack of wild Derbis

<HTML>well here's some ideas:

He could work for:

American Sundiro - The only major

Small engine repair and/or development (such as lawnmower motor companies).

Maybe a golf cart manufacturer such as Cushman or Cadet?


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