Has anyone visited:


They all go to the same page and it seems to be advertising a four-wheeled bicycle thing.

Does anyone know what is going to happen with this website or who owns it?


If you are looking for the old, it is now at

Apparently the old name was not re-registered and was scooped up by a speculator.



Reeperette /

Smells "scam" ish to me.

They give you no information...but ask for a lot from you.

Also, this could be one of those "paper companies" without a real product created soley for the purpose of being bought out by larger companys who don't want competition....while laughing all the way to the bank.

In that case...more power to them, in this age of overinflated tech stocks and companies deep in debt being "worth" millions....I'd exploit em too.



I think you are thinking of Moped2.ORG not .COM


Rob Gibbons /

i dunno, it looks really GAY anyway.

Do you think...

Well, do you think they will actually put moped info on the site? OR Do you think they just bought the "" domain to lure people in?

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