Hello everyone. In my ever ending search to improve my 1998 Tomos Targa Lx. I've made many modifications, and need all your help. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen Xenon or hologen, or "brighter" bulbs that will fit the Tomos headlight? Or a new fixture adn light that will fit in the housing? I was thinking a car headlight, with a lower wattage Xenon bulb. Any suggestions? Also, does anyone know of what sprocket combinations work best. I'm thinking of using random sprocket for the front, around 10 and a 40 tooth rear. Does this sound good, or would i need a larger rear sprocket. I'm not very experienced in gearing, and any help would be appreciated. Would this modification even prove beneficial? Thanx

Re: Modifications!!!

Reeperette /

27-tooth Front sprocket with a stock rear backed up by a Biturbo and 15mm Amal carb with a #56-#58 Jet does the job right nicely - if it's a speed/torque balance you want.

(Tho your jet size may vary, mopeds can be idiosyncratic about that.)

More teeth up front = more top speed, less = more takeoff power.

More teeth in back = more takeoff power, less = more top speed.

Works like that.

As fer the bulbs...given the wattage, I doubt you'll find brighter, but it's worth a look.


Re: Modifications!!!

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