moped muffler on and elite 80

Can I put a moped muffler on a Scooter. would a bi-turbo boost performance.

Re: moped muffler on and elite 80

Why a moped muffler??? An expansion chamber would certainly boost your performance but you would have to do a lot of modifications to make it fit, plus you'd have to rejet the bike. If this is a new bike, any modification to the exhaust system will void your warranty. If it's an old beater, give it a shot.

Re: moped muffler on and elite 80

The problem with putting a ped muffler on a scooter is that most scooter motors have upright (and higher) cylinders.... so a BiTurbo (which is pretty much a flat straight pipe) will not fit without a lot of cutting and fitting and welding.

Re: moped muffler on and elite 80

also bi turbo is an expantion pipe which is only for 2-cycle or 2 stroke engines while your elite 80 scooter is a 4 stroke, you would need a hi-performance muffler for a 4 stroke

good point !!

I didn't realize that Elite was a 4 stroke.... but it is...

and YES... an expansion chamber (like a BiTurbo) will not work on a 4 stroke like an Elite 80.

Don't waste your time and $$.

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