1977 pacer w/ franco morini engine

my moped keeps braking down ! I have to leave the cover off of the magneto side beacause I think it overheats. but even with the cover off after driving for a while some times it wants to stall or stalls and wont idle. the flywheel is brand new along with points and magneto.any suggestions? thanx


Re: 1977 pacer w/ franco morini engine

See Fred's post a this sites front door. You should leave the cover on so that water and road splash won't get in, it won't overheat with the cover on. Did you time it correctly and are all the connections tight?

Re: 1977 pacer w/ franco morini engine

DO NOT OVERLOOK one of the most common problems with stalling at low RPM.......the lowly spark plug.Yeah,I know you probably already replaced it,but the other day I had a stalling problem with my MOTOMARINA and I just popped in a fresh BOSCH plug(not platinum) and the problem is gone(the old plug LOOKED fine so you can't always tell by looking).Also make sure your exhaust isn't carbonned up.BYE!

Re: 1977 pacer w/ franco morini engine

and clean your carburator. 9/10 times it's the problem on any moped. and don't run w/o the cover. it won't overhead w/ it on. it was enginnered to run w/ the cover on. and it protects your magneto.

check the plug (do a plug chop ... how to do this is in fred's guide) and be sure you have the correct plug. morini engines take a different plug than other mopeds.

but follow fred's guide from start to finish. always start w/ carburetor and work your way down from there. if it won't idle, your idle screw may be out too far, just screw it in a bit until it idles well.

Re: 1977 pacer w/ franco morini engine

Mark Turner /

Howdy, any of you fine fellows out their think you know someone that could fix me up with a parts motor or just the jug off of a 1976 franco morini motori? I have a nice looken pacer that needs overhaul, and the guy I got it from pulled the jug and head and lost the jug.. thanks, mark

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