Clutch of Aprilia RS50 broke down. How?

Michael Sleurink /

<HTML>Can anybody tell me how that's possible that (probably ) my clutch broke down? I have 80cc under my ass, but now it's standing in the garage. CAn anybody tell me about the burned-clutch?</HTML>

RE: Clutch of Aprilia RS50 broke down. How?

<HTML>hey man

get ahold of the guys at vespa supershop in san diego. one of the mechanics

there has a aprilia 50cc motorcycle and he would know something about them.

also, clutches are not hard to work on at all. really pretty easy. just have the

correct tools---impact driver, metric socket set, etc. </HTML>

RE: Clutch of Aprilia RS50 broke down. How?

<HTML>I've got an 1999 Aprilia RS50 and I currently race it with CMRRA. How do you like your 80 kit? I am trying to decide between making mine an 80 or just building it up to be a fast modified 68.</HTML>

RE: Clutch of Aprilia RS50 broke down. How?

<HTML>First of all, whenever you up-bore the engine displacement, you have to upgrade the rest of the system in order for the entire intake, combustion, exhaust, variator, rev limiter, transmission, clutch to function for the change, otherwise, a breakdown.

Secondly, what did you upgrade the clutch with, Polini Delta, Malossi? what?

Normally, when you upbore the engine, carburetor has to be up sized, jetted, variator weights changed and clutch spring tensions changed to cope with the power.

I hope you did not just change the engine and nothing else. What was done? Talk to us?


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