Exhaust port cleaning

James A. Corbally /

The shop repair manual says I should clean the exhaust port every 3000Km. It doesn't explain how, or with what.

What's the usual to do this, and what's needed?


Re: Exhaust port cleaning

Hey James... Did you know that most of your questions are answered in the guide called.. "How to fix Your Moped" ..that appears in the 'articles' section of the 'resources' section right here on this site ??

Re: Exhaust port cleaning

A Dremel tool with one of the softer honing stones works great for getting rid of the carbon deposits. Don't use a hard cutting stone as this will scar and deform the port if you're not careful. Just make sure to wash the whole cylinder assembly to get out all the stone dust out afterwards. Use hot water and dish soap. Then, quickly dry it with a lint-free cloth and oil it right away so it doesn't rust.

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