Woo hoo new moped!

I now have enough for a swarm! Well at least two more than I used to have- I got a 78 Puch Maxi Luxe from the landlord at my shop, and Yesterday I got another Sachs Westlake- The same engine, year and color as my other Sachs Westlake!

Plus I have a lead on another one- a Honda Hobbit- I just hope it's a PA50 II Those PA50 I's take a lot of work to get going a decent speed.

I'm going back to Texas this week to get my girlfriend and move her up here, too.

I'm just happy because she said that she might ride a moped, after she saw the Swarm and Destroy DVD... I guess she thought it was a guys only thing. I may have to keep a moped on the quiet, dependable side for her.

Re: Woo hoo new moped!

nice man....very nice

my parents wont let me get any more bikes.... i guess they think 3 is enough?


Re: Woo hoo new moped!




Re: Woo hoo new moped!

The Pa50 was a SCORE! It is a II, but it needs a belt and some cleaning. Funkey yellow and all.

I now have a gallon of questionable moped gas, too. Guess I'll mix it up with the rest and use it up as I can- Smokes a ton, must just have regular oil in it.

It was last used as a running around in the woods and sneaking up on elk bike- It's got Hobbit written on it- I figure Crissy will like it.

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