2-stroke oil

What is the best mixing ratio for a Puch Maxi. The owners manual calls for 50:1 if you are using Puch oil. I don't think that is available anymore. What is the best oil to use? Does anyone use synthetic? Also, what is the best to use in the injection system on my Magnum? THANKS!

Re: 2-stroke oil

I use AMSOIL 100:1 2-stroke oil. I mix 2-1/2 oz. per gallon of gas, which is what I was told by Cosmo motors, the importer of my Kinetic Magnum moped. I have used this synthetic oil since the moped was new. I've heard that it is not good to use "real" oil and then switch to synthetic later on.

AMSOIL is a very good quality synthetic and I've had no problems with it fouling sparkplugs or causing smoke or anything.

Re: 2-stroke oil

Klotz Techniplate at 50:1 or Golden Spectro at the same ratio. Both are synthetic and ashless, excellent choices for premix or injectors.

Re: 2-stroke oil

Dude, all that synthetic oil does is lighten your wallet unnecessarily. Any good quality mineral oil at 50:1 is fine.

Re: 2-stroke oil

yah synthetic oil is expensive but its better than crisco, wait I mean "MINERAL OIL"

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