gas/oil ratio

hi, can someone please tell me the correct gas/ oil ratio for my puch maxi 2hp??? thank you.

Re: gas/oil ratio

XBrandon EdgeX /

50:1 is what it says on the gas cap, but I run 40:1 to be safe.

Re: gas/oil ratio

Reeperette /

3oz of Oil to 1Gal Gasoline...simple.

50:1 is the factory ratio, but that's 2.6oz to 1Gal.

3oz = 43:1 - a nice, easy-to-measure setup that's a hair on the safe side.


Re: gas/oil ratio

Why is 43:1 safer than 50:1?

Re: gas/oil ratio

because its a lower gas to oil. think of it this way, if you have 50 cups of water and 1 cup of dye and mix them together, the color of the water will be lighter (in color) than a mixture of 43 cups of water and 1 cup of dye. 43:1 is more contrated. 50:1 has more water than 43:1 but the same amout of dye. get it? now just replace "water" with gas and "dye" with oil. everybody says im wrong but thats the way it really works.


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