Tomos upgrades

Jiffy Sailor /

I have a tomos targa classic. I want to add a bigger gas tank (just for fun and looks.) and I want to do something about the seat. Its to hard on my soft ass. Has anyone change these items?

Re: Tomos upgrades

Reeperette /

Bigger gas tank = more trouble than it's worth...unless yer a welder by trade and really lover yer job....

Seat mods - I've seen a few tricks done with upholstery kits and tools that looked neat, and were a bit more padded, ask around at a used furniture shop if you can find one.


Re: Tomos upgrades

SteelToad /

I think if you were to have a boat seat padded, and upolstered, and mount it to the

ped, it could look rather interesting. Sort of a Harley meets GoldWing look :-)

Re: Tomos upgrades

If I could mount my couch on a ped, I would only need my garage..HA! Doug

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