weirde ticking sound in ss50 cilinderhead

<HTML>i got an honda ss50 four stroke bike, and since i brought it to the dealer to adjust the valves, there's this ticking noise that comes from the cilinderhead. i adjusted the valves a couple of times myself, but dont really know what should be the right clearance. the bike runs very wel apart from that, and nothing else has been addes/tuned to it. who can help me out?



RE: weirde ticking sound in ss50 cilinderhead

Robert S. /

<HTML> I have done alot of work on different smaller honda motors. well the one thing i always found is a noisey valve train. .010 is what I would set the valves at, if the shound does not go away well you just have a noisey tappet.

Robert S.</HTML>

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