mobylette too much smoke

How do get rid of blue smoke from this machine.

Re: mobylette too much smoke

Install an electric motor instead of a two-stroke one. I love the smell of two stroke in the morning.

Re: mobylette too much smoke

Pre mix proper 2 stroke oil at a 3 oz to one US gallon ratio (43 to 1)... It won't smoke too much then... unless your

float level is too high,

or you float needle and seat are leaking,

or your petcock is leaking down some overnite

Smoke on a 2 stroke has nothing to do with the engine being worn out... like a 4 stroke engine in a car

Re: mobylette too much smoke

Just check recently, theres some fluid coming out in the air intake system. Proper mixture of gas and oil is used.

Re: mobylette too much smoke

You don't, what I would worry about is if it quit smoking. The blue smoke is the waste oil, no smoke, no oil, no lubrication.

Re: mobylette too much smoke

As long as it's running well, don't worry about it. Two strokes will normally slobber from both ends, it's the nature of the beast.

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