AHHH!!! Mopeds are eternal hell!

The closest shop that repairs mopeds is the same one I bought mine from, and it's 40 miles away. I've had to take the thing in the back of my small Mazda hatchback about 3 times (6 trips back and forth) and every single time I take it there something get's damaged on either my moped or my car...Tonight was a living nightmare of torn upolstery and gasoline fumes. When I got there to pick the thing up, (I dropped it off the day before for a tube replacment) and tried to get it back in my car, the fucking gas line ripped open...RIPPED THE FUCK OPEN! and was spilling loads of gas all over the interior of my car... The muffler also nicely mangaged to rip a good 3/4 foot portion of the lining of my back seat all to pieces, which was folded down so I could fit the thing in. Anyway, I took it right out, brought it back into the shop and got a new gas tube (for 50 cents...the old owner guy was saying "well, I normally wouldn't charge you but, I did take 20 cents or so off your repair bill"...) I am selling this thing AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, taking a big loss probably, since I paid $900, and NO ONE around here is going to buy a used moped for anywhere near that, especially considering the closest place around that repairs them is 40 miles away, and run by an asshole. I thought I would love having a moped, but I'll say this to anyone who wants to get one. If you don't own a truck or live across from a moped repair shop, or know how to fix 'em yourself, NEVER EVER EVER EVER THINK of buying one. It is eternal hell...

Re: AHHH!!! Mopeds are eternal hell!

Dude, nobody starts out knowing anything about anything. Repairing any motor vehicle is a learning experience. Luckily, peds are about as simple as they get. I know it is little consolation now, but with time, you could learn to do everything that shopowner charges you an arm and a leg for. It doesn't seem like it yet but, part of what's fun about mopeds is the challenge of keeping them running. I am sorry you had to start your motorcycle mechanic career with a $900 lemon, though. That does suck. Keep at it, and good luck

Re: AHHH!!! Mopeds are eternal hell!

Jamie Leonard /

Best thing to do is if its small stuff.. try attempting the repair yourself. Ask questions (the forums here are great) and buy a shop manual.. most of the simple repairs are just that, simple (Though I admit I might have paid 20 bucks for a tomos specific flasher unit before I found out that a 2 dollar one from an auto parts store would do the same job... and in fact had less of a tendency to get whacked by a rock and stop working) All part of the learning curve... which is sometimes closer to a learning cliff :)

All the frustration is worth it when you get some empty road, a full gas tank, and a cool day for a long ride.

Re: AHHH!!! Mopeds are eternal hell!

Well, as far as the popped tire...I've patched many tubes on bicycles before, but I knew how to do that, because my step-father is a bicycle fanatic. But the moped thing is a whole different planet... First off, there's 2 sides with all sorts of stuff that has to be taken off in order to get the wheel off. I would be lucky enough just to get all that stuff off in the correct order, not to even talk about getting it all back in place and sturdy enough to ride on without something rubbing or rattling or falling off. I have no real mechanical skill...I don't even have any tools except for a couple random wrenches from cheap sets my step-father bought and lost...How exactly did any of you manage to figure out how to take the spark plug out or any other "simple" stuff? and also, while I'm at it, where do you get metal tire spoons? Plastic bike tire levers just bend and break on moped tires...I learned that when I was trying to pry out the tube before I gave up and took it to the shop...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaah !! .. :(

The Moped Gawd /

blah blah blah

Life's a bitch... then ya die !

Wait till you have to call a plumber.

Re: AHHH!!! Mopeds are eternal hell!

What you need to do is get a maunal. Also surf around a little online. This site has a lot of tips and Fred has even put together a generic manual that would help just about anybody with their ped. www.scooterthearpy.com has a step by step with pictures on how to change a tire, and they sell tire irons too. I'm sure you'll be amazed at how much you can really do by yourself.

Re: waaaaaaaaaaaaaah !! .. :(

<<Wait till you have to call a plumber.>> LOL!!

In response to the original post, if you're not inclined to try and fix your moped yourself (and I'm still hoping someone will come along and "help" me fix mine as I don't want to try it myself--might break a nail or something LOL), then maybe you could find someone with a van or truck who could haul your moped to the repair shop. Or maybe you could check your local paper classifieds and see if there are any handy types who fix lawn mowers and other small engines. They probably could figure out what makes your moped tick and maybe even make house calls...

Re: AHHH!!! Mopeds are eternal hell!

At least you have someone in 40 miles... I'm in Lubbock, and the closest place is in Dallas or Austin. 300 miles at least. I'm not even sure how the moped got here in the first place. The only real help I've gotten is from a local lawnmower shop that sold me a chainsaw carb. that "should work"

You know what, It does work. Just keep after it. DON'T SELL IT

Mopeds are simple, and like everyone has told you, research.

Lawnmower repair shop.

Are there any lawnmower repair shops around you? They can usually service a moped, plus they're cheaper than a specialty shop.

Yes mopeds do suck!

They are much more trouble than what they are worth-which is nothing! Mopeds are the vehicle of choice of the drunk, un-licensed, and the retarded. They are slow, ugly, smelly and polute the environment. As you have learned, they are unreliable as well. If you want to ride around on two wheels, why not try a real motorcycle? You will find that fourstroke motorcycles are much more reliable, powerfull, and stylish than their ugly third-cousins the mopeds. Granted you will pay a little more for a motorcyle, but in the long run it will work out better.Plus chicks dig motorcycle men not moped geeks.

Re: Yes mopeds do suck!

Souds like someone is a little unsure of his masculinity. It's not the vehicle that makes the man (or woman if the case may be), it's what you do with it. I have known quite a few "geeks and morons" who rode "real" motorcycles. Didn't help them. I suggest you disconnect from your ISP and go back to the tractor pull.


Re: Yes mopeds do suck!

BHP your probably like 14 with glasses and all dorky trying to act tuff on a forum. You probably have a little pink bike you ride around and you can't afford a moped or your mommy won't let you have one...so stfu. Have a good day :)

Re: Yes mopeds do suck!

Seven of nine /

I think it is funny that he monitors the forum, and then acts like Mopeds aren't cool.

Why would anyone lurk around on a site, every day, and then trash people whenever the chance comes up??

If I really, really hated mopeds, I wouldn't lurk around a moped site during all my free time--

The filter on the gene pool is broken.


Tire Spoons

Reeperette /

>>where do you get metal tire spoons?<<

I've gotten this question about four times in the last week or so.

The only source that I know of is a local cycle shop up here called "Rocky's", and when next I am up there I will see bout askin them where else those things can be found.

For the nonce, however...If you need a pair that bad, contact me and I'll see if I can ship you a pair or something.


Re: Yes mopeds do suck!

XBrandon EdgeX /

"They are slow, ugly, smelly and polute the environment."

Okay, most are slow, I'll give you that, but in town where the speed limit doesn't exeed 35, do you really need a bike that'll do 120 to 180 mph? Would you have the balls to modify and ride your bike faster than what it's built to do? I've seen instances where people take 30 mph bikes and build them to do 50. They don't have all the best suspension components and brakes. Often times, it's stressful on the tires, but that doesn't stop them.

They are by no means ugly, they have a lot more factory bodywork done to them than any pipe-built chopper or plastic crotch rocket

They are no smellier than any motorcyle. Motorcycles burn twice the gas of a moped, that's twice the toxins going into the air, ergo, twice the smelliness.

They don't "polute" the evironment anymore than a motorcycle. Like I said, motorcyles burn twice the gas of a moped, twice the toxins going into the air.

"As you have learned, they are unreliable as well."

Yeah, but they are cheaper to fix, as well. Plus, they are easier to work on because they don't have alot of extra crap that we don't need, like the liquid cooling systems. Maybe if everyone was a yuppie asshole like you, we could all afford to take our bike to the shop everytime we can't figure out how to start them.

"You will find that fourstroke motorcycles are much more reliable, powerfull, and stylish than their ugly third-cousins the mopeds. "

When they don't start, they are a fortune (or a pain) to get running again.

You just don't need all that power. How often do you ride around town at full throttle?

Ooh, stylish. We all know how important style is, because when you're not in style, what do you rely on to impress everyone? Certainly not your yuppie asshole personality.

"Plus chicks dig motorcycle men not moped geeks."

I've asked, and chicks think mopeds are cool, and motorcyles are noisy and ugly, much like the yuppie assholes that ride them. (not all motorcyle riders are that way, just the yuppie asshole ones that think they have something to prove by making fun of mopeds, because they have no confidence in their choice of transportation so they feel bad-mouthing their "enemy" is crucial.)


Okay, I told myself I wasn't gonna sink to his level and retaliate, but you know how these things just leap out at you and beg for it. It's human nature. Sorry, I like to speak my mind.

Re: Yes mopeds do suck!

The original Poster... /

The reason I bought a moped was because the closest place that sells the brands of scooters I like are 100 miles away in boston. The only ones sold around here are Honda's, which I think are the ugliest scooters in the world, if you look at any Italian brand or even Kymco or Yamaha scooters. Plus mopeds are cheaper, even brand new for $900 like the one I got. New motorcycles are almost as ugly as new cars. They have absolutely no individuality, they just look all the same. The only kind of motorcycle I would buy would be a cool early 80's BMW, Fuji, or honda or the like, cause those bikes look awesome. I can only imagine that mopeds AREN'T cool with chicks because you can't carry two people on most mopeds, they're loner vehicles. Scooters are beautiful, mopeds are like ugly, greasy, naked scooters. But at this point, any motorized Two-Wheeled vehicle to me is just a bad idea. They are just SOOO unreliable; I wouldn't trust my groceries or getting to work on time with my moped or ANY moped. On the other hand, the only real problem a bicycle could have would be a popped tire...But you can carry all the tools for a quick tube patch or replacement on you on every bike ride (patch kit and spare tube is all that's required). A moped getting a flat on the road is a disaster...you would need wrenches, tire spoons, a nice flat, clean area to work and take off your various parts, and a good amount of time...and all that is not even mentioning if something goes wrong with the engine...the only thing a moped has over a bike is the sweat and the speed. I think I'll just stick with my hatchback which gets 35 miles to the gallon,(which I was surprised to learn recently is about as good a sport or touring motorcycle) and is always reliable.

Re: Yes mopeds do suck!


To the original poster...

I don't blame you for wanting to stick with driving your cage, after your bad moped experience. My advice to you is to sell your moped to a drunk or retard, it's true that the moped is not practical in the sense of its reliability and lack of accomendations for a passanger. You could place an ad for your moped on the bulletin board at your local "Barnes and Nobles" a lot of nerds and homos frequent that establishment and might be interested, or you could place an ad on the bulletin board of your local vocational school, you can hit-up the retards and unlicensed there. If you should change your mind about two-wheelers, there are a few good choices in entry-level motorcyles like theese; Buell Blast, Suzuki DR200s, Kawasaki Ninja 250, Suzuki GS500. You could buy any of theese bikes brand new and have a monthly payment around $100, and they'll all get much more than 50 m.p.g. Also If you don't like payments, a good used GS500 or Ninja 500 go for around $1000 to $1600. I myself own a cage and motorcycle, the bike is a Ducati, which I have had for two years now and had no problems whatsoever. I've owned a few of the less exotic brands with no problems either.Just a few things to consider, good luck to you whatever you do.

Upon Reliability.

Reeperette /

As someone who drives professionally and has owned several cars and many mopeds over the years...I can say with some authority that a properly set up, well-maintained moped is of infinately greater reliability than any car.

Part of the problem about "Reliability" is that most mopeds are set up and prepped for sale by morons who know jack shit about proper shakedown proceedures for them...purchased by dweeds without a clue how to maintain them, and "maintained" (if at all) by chumps too lazy to put the time and care into keeping it up.

Most mopeds are bought new by kids, who ride them unmaintained for about 4,000 miles, and that's about how long the brakes last...they keep tightening the damn adjustors down tighter and tighter till they don't work no more, and then when actual work becomes involved they sell it off...and buyer beware indeed, cause most of those used mopeds in that shape are problems waiting to happen.

Think about how most folks treat their old push-type lawnmower...leave it in the garage, sitting, not even cleaned or prepped for storage, never change the plug, never check the mix...and then get perplexed when it's hard to start next summer...and yet, eventually it does usually start, eh ? - that's a two-stroke engine for you...try that with a car, see if it works.

And given my own situation...one point needs to be restressed - proper shakedown.

If you don't do a full and complete shakedown when you purchase a moped, new OR used - your buyin trouble right off...you shake it down, and do it right the first damn time, you don't many of the problems faced on this forum, my Targa's a classic example of what bypassing proper shakedown procedures will get you.

As for other commentary.

>>I wouldn't trust my groceries or getting to work on time with my moped or ANY moped.<<

I rode to work on one five days a week, Baltimore to Severna park on Sat, Baltimore to Annapolis on Sun - every week for three years straight..and in that time, never had a single breakdown or problem.

My grocery runs were made many times on that one, or after it was struck by a car with me on it, the Tomos trike-moped I replaced it with, and again...no problem, cept that you really don't wanna try carryin eggs cause the trike suspension system isn't real hot.

>>A moped getting a flat on the road is a disaster...you would need wrenches, tire spoons, a nice flat, clean area to work and take off your various parts, and a good amount of time<<

Two 17mm Wrenches, two spoons, an air pump, a Tube, and six to eight minutes max....if that.

Bicycle's about the same, in this.

Besides...My Targa has self-sealing tubes with Puncture Resistant tires..you'd have to shotgun them to cause a flat.

>>I'll just stick with my hatchback which gets 35 miles to the gallon,(which I was surprised to learn recently is about as good a sport or touring motorcycle) and is always reliable.<<

Yeah, well...yer talkin to a dude who traded a car in for a moped, once...cause between inspection, emissions, insurance, title, tags, registration, fuel and breakdown + time-effort costs...the damn thing was suckin me dry.

My Moped costs me $15.00 a year - what's yer car cost you ?

Mind, imma Cabbie by profession....I ride a moped cause I love it, but you have to pay me to drive a car.


Re: To the original poster...

The original Poster... /

Whoa, hold on there, I'm not biased against moped riders or anything like that...all the "retards, nerds and homos" comments are unnecessary. I bought a moped so I could go to work and what not without being covered in sweat everyday from a 12 mile bike ride each way, without having to take my car. I like things I don't have to think about, that also don't take up a lot of my time. My car if it breaks down on the road, I call triple A and they tow it away and it get's fixed. If I broke down on my junky moped, I would have to call someone for a ride which would annoy me and them, and I would have to go back and pick up my moped later and put it in my car which would then do more damage to my car! My moped also barely holds any gas(.66 gallons), so I always have to make sure it's filled in the morning which can lead to spillage on me or the ped since I'm tired at that hour. Plus I have to check the tires every day because they are cheap and shitty and lose air constantly.

To the "Upon Reliability" poster: My car cost me $1000 dollars to buy, my moped, $900. The costs for my car were practically nothing. A couple hundred for insurance and inspection and what not. My moped has so far probably cost me MORE than my car at this point because of all the times I've had to bring it back to the shop IN my car, which wastes gas, and wrecks my car, plus $20 registering at the DMV, helmet, etc. etc.. I spend $17 every 2 weeks on gas for my car.

Moped vs. Car

Wayne Broderick /

Insurance on a car alone outweighs the cost of a moped.

How much you pay a year for insurance on that auto? Oh, about $1,000 for liability only? figured.

I pay 40$ a year for the moped.

If you run out of gas that often, your ped isn't tuned up. As far as your inability to pump gas into a moped.... well, I'm not going to touch that.

Re: AHHH!!! Mopeds are eternal hell!

man what a bad exp. take the advice, seriously learn engines and the whole trade. fix it your self. you have to. its what mopeding all about. you can learn this and then expand very easly to motorcycles and cars. same princibles apply and fixing you own shit can save you a hell of a lot of money as well.


Re: AHHH!!! Mopeds are eternal hell!

Rob Gibbons /

like u said, why dont u try fixing it ur fucking self?!?!?!

it would save u a lot of trouble.

if u dont know how, u dont have to be a an expert.

go-ahead. skrew something up.

Re: AHHH!!! Mopeds are eternal hell!

so can we get a follow up on this?

Re: AHHH!!! Mopeds are eternal hell!

LOL. How did you ever find this old gem?

Re: AHHH!!! Mopeds are eternal hell!

So, what you're really saying is, you have no mechanical skill, knew you didn't know how to repair a moped, and knew you had no shop close to your location, and bought one anyway.

Why would I take advice from someone like that, on my bike purchases? LOL!

Seriously, if you take the time to learn, you will. Maybe you're a slow learner, or easily bored, or just don't want to learn. That's up to you. Think about it.

Re: AHHH!!! Mopeds are eternal hell!

See Ya Moped Army /

Unless I missed it somewhere, what brand of moped is it?

Re: AHHH!!! Mopeds are eternal hell!

Do you guys see how old the original post is? Someone pulled this one out of the graveyard!

Don't be a dipshit - just use your head a little

First of all - put some Puncture Proof (sold for basketballs) or Slime, in your

tire/tubes and you will never have to change a tire/tube out on the road


But if you don't - buy two six or eight inch adjustable wrenches. Clean

them up well and fill in the sides of the handles with J/B Weld epoxy. Use

the wrench ends to get the axle nuts off and the handle ends as 'tire irons'

to lever the tire off the wheel.

Buy a shop manual (I downloaded one of the internet for free), a set of

combination wrenches to about 3/4" and a decent set of sockets. You

can get both in a set at Sears on sale for about $60. Add a small pair

of channel-lock pliers and several assorted screwdrivers and you're set

for most things on a moped.

On the other hand - maybe you jus ain't Moped Material. Maybe you're

better off in a good-gas-mileage hatchback with an "I brake for yard sales!"

bumper sticker.

Look - you can either get out and run with the real dogs - or spend the rest of

your life watching from the porch. Your choice. And either way - it will

be the Right Choice.



Re: Don't be a dipshit - just use your head a litt

Mopeds are definitely a do it yourself kinda thing. If you need a shop to fix your moped for you, you probably shouldn't have one. Unless you have something really weird, you can get all the parts from online sources (just steer clear of ebay). Working on your moped is part of owning a moped. If you don't know how, and are not willing, and anxious, to learn, and don't want to get your hands dirty, mopeds are not for you. And yes, I realize how old this thread is, but since it was dug up already, by someone else, it looked like a good place to put some advice for new or potential moped owners. Peace. Jerry.

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