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I have two Peugeot mopeds in excellent condition that were built in 1972. They have Rigida rims size 15 - 2 1/4. I can't find tires anywhere. Can I go to a 14 inch and shave it? Does anyone have any ideas? Is re-rimming and re-spoking an option to go to a standard 16? Does anyone do that kind of work and can I do it myself? Yes, I'm certain of the size.

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I don't know if it will help... but try


for a mail order online catalog.

No... you cannot modify a 14 to go on a 15... no way.

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Hey Marc, Check out www.swmototires.com Click on motorcycle tires to get to moped and scooter tires. I called and got some michelins that weren't listed on his site, for my puch. Really good price, no tax and free shipping on two tires. wal

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Thanks for your help. So far, no luck.


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Someone was selling Peugeot moped parts and tires back in April, try the email address to see if they have what you need:


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I located some tires 2.50-15. Anybody have any thoughts on that extra 1/4 inch in width. Could they work?

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Ron Brown /


Just eyball the space between the current tire and the rim. The extra quarter inch should not be a problem but be especially carefull if you have wires to the tail lamp inside the rear fender.


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Reeperette /

Well, there's a place up here (North Michigan) called "Rocky's" that carries Cheng Shin tires in that size...I think.

Next time I am up there I will look.

Also contact Maxxis Tire and Rubber company, cause that is the US Distributor for Cheng Shin tires....I know for a fact they have some in that size, just a matter of finding em and getting em shipped.


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