PA-50 Manuel Wanted

<HTML>I want a 1979 Honda PA-50 Manuel. Name your price....


RE: PA-50 Manuel Wanted

Wayne Busby /


I just got a 1979 Honda PA50 with the Manual. I am starting to work on it. It will start but not keep running. I can copy the manual if you don't find it anywhere else. I am looking for a shop manual or info on carberator... Can you help??? We can trade info......



RE: PA-50 Manuel Wanted

<HTML>i have a workshop manual on Honda Camino covering the whole range of Caminos ever produced.

I can make copys.

i can send to you if you name your adress.

My price is 10 us Dollar plus posting costs, about 5 dollar

send me an e mail,

lots of success, alfons`</HTML>

RE: PA-50 Manuel Wanted

<HTML>Moped parts - service manuals - service tips available from and more</HTML>

RE: PA-50 Manuel Wanted

<HTML>Hi Alfons!

I read your mail concerning the workshop manual on Honda Camino.

As i bought an old camino (1976) with few kilometers i need a professional manual to reconstruct it. So tell me if it is possible to send me the manual - i live in Austria, Vienna - and how to transfer the money. Your price is OK.

thanks a lot for your answer




RE: PA-50 Manuel Wanted

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