Slow but with air!

Hey there, my 86 Spree has been sitting in the garage for just over a week and this problem came up. When I put it up it was running great, doing about 30MPH at top speed. Then when I get home today and start her up she acts like she's not getting either enough fuel or air. So I open up the top of the air box and ZOOM it acted like it was race day or something. Checked to see if the air intake was clogged, nothing there. Then I put in some air filter material my friend gave me instead of the old factory one that is falling apart and nothing. Should I clean the carb again? Mind you she had been sitting for about 4 years before I get her running the first time. She's a close personal friend, we call her Skittle(my wife came up with that name)

Any help would be appreciated.

Brian S

Re: Slow but with air!

The problem went away. I'm still going to clean it one more time.

Re: Slow but with air!

mike hartel /

how long did it last ? becouse it has an auto choke and it decides when its warm.

Re: Slow but with air!

Rob Gibbons /

a nice carb cleaning sounds like a king-size bag of skttles to me

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