Garelli problem hopefully solved

Tim Briggs /

Thanks for all the help. My bad running Garelli was the result of a too-rich jet for the Puerto Rico heat/humidity. This then caused the plug to foul out. I've got two smaller jets coming in the mail that should solve the problem.

Lesson learned: If you are taking your ped to a new location, get some different size jets before you leave just in case.

Thanks too for "Fred's" info on how to fix your moped. Great info.


Re: Garelli problem hopefully solved

What size jets are you going to use for the hotter and humid weather? I have a minarelli with a V1 and I noticed that it is running very crappy and think that it might have the same problem. We have had extremely hot and humid weather lately and I noticed that the plug is always fouled. BTW..our V1 came with a size 56 jet...


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