information on moped

Hi my name is Ryan I live in New Zealand (Rotorua)

About 3 years ago I got a moped from a chap that I worked with at the time,he crashed it in to a power pole years earler.

He said that he got it about 8 years earler.

In the crash he smashed up the front end rather badly,after a bit of work i managed to fix up the front end and get a mudguard that looked alright on it and the biggest problem of all getting it going (well and reliable).

This was a problem because noone in Rotorua new or had ever seen any thing like it before.

What i would like to know is when it was made and any thing else i can find out about it ,as the I D tag on the front got damaged in the crash.

What i know is ==

it is a MOTOCONFORT(not motobecane)


model CM

type X7V

paris le 28-3-53or63(we are not sure as this part is damaged)

made in france

It has 10 inch weels ,is a 2stroke and can be fitted into an average size car boot(with some bolts loosened)

Look foward to hearing from any one.


RYAN B (of Rotorua)

P S my email is

Again Thanks

Re: information on moped

10inch wheels...maybe a minibike of some sort?

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