Racin' Express

Matt Russell /

<HTML>To all you people out there who modify I have some questions for ya.

I have had a stock spree that I slightly tweaked and would hit about 35-37, MPH.

But I have a new project going on. I am making a suuny day only spree- show quality. But the motor is my main concern, I Need an expansion chamber made for my '81 honda express motor, it is being ported+polished right now. I have an older lambretta motor and i was wondering if I could use that carb and premix my gas. I work at an auto parts and machine shop so I can pretty much fabricate anything. Also It will be fully detailed and little of the bike will be stock. maybe I could also some help with big bore kit info. Any leads will help to a moped guy with some info. </HTML>

RE: Racin' Express

<HTML>hey mat are you from NZ? (own skate snow)</HTML>

Re: Racin' Express

Robert Critean /

Have new cranks, pistons, rings ect. for Honda Express

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