Removing tire on Puch mag rims...

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Does anyone know any trick to doing this without cutting the tire off? So far, all I've accomplished is scratching and marring the hell out of the rim. Unlike a spoke rim, it looks like it has a bead lock similar to a car wheel. Is there any way to remove it without taking it to a motorcyle shop and without destroying the wheel and tire? Any and all help is deeply appreciated.


XBrandon EdgeX

Re: Removing tire on Puch mag rims...

Reeperette /

Go to a cycle shop and ask em for some small cycle-style tire spoons.

You need em, bike spoons don't do it for moped tires...and screwdriver is a disaster waiting to happen.

Gimme some time and I'll crank out a set of instructions.


Re: Removing tire on Puch mag rims...

Bike tire pry bars may work, but I found that if you follow these steps it will make your life easier and you can do it in your living room.

1) Deflate the tire.

2) The side of the tire that you are going to pry off first must and I mean must be in the middle groove of the rim (the lowest piont of the rim)

3) The with a screwdriver carefully and I mean carefully place the flathead in between the inner tube and the bead of the tire.

4) Check to see that the bead directly across from the screwdriver is in the center of the rim.

5) With a second screwdriver, place it next to the first one and spray with wd40 (the rim-it will help prevent scratching on crome and paint.)

6) Then slowly work your way around the rim yntil the bead is off.

7) Repeat this process for installation and removal of both beads, and remember it is the positioning of the bead on the opposite side of the screwdriver/pry bar that is the most important.

8) Take your time this is not easy- the bead/rim were designed this way to prevent throwing the bead.

9) As far as I am aware this applies to all types/brands of scooters.


Re: Removing tire on Puch mag rims...

Ron Brown /


Great instructions except that you forgot that you have to start prying next to the valve stem or you can not get the rest of the tire into the well of the rim. When you put the new tire on you must install the portion next to the valve stem last for the same reason. Allways press the valve stem most of the way into the tire before prying the last of the tire on the rim or you may pinch the tube.

Soap solution is preferable to WD40 as it does not react with rubber. Make sure the tire is free of the rim edge all the way around and apply soap solution all the way around the rim.

You can buy rim protectors to avoid damaging the rim, or use pieces of leather between the tire lever and the rim.


Re: Removing tire on Puch mag rims...

XBrandon EdgeX /

Great. I'll try all these things. Oh, and ree, I went to a motorcycle shop and an auto parts store and neither had any tire spoons, the auto parts store didn't even know what they were!

thanks, everyone.

XBrandon EdgeX

Swarm And Destroy

Go to another motorcycle store then

almost every motorcycle shop has tire irons in stock... the one you went to must have been sold out

or they can order them and get them within usually 3 days

I would not hesitate to use screwdrivers in an emergency... but since I have done it a zillion times I hoprfully wouldn't damage anything...... even a rookie has to be careful with tire irons not to 'pinch' (puncture) the tube when reinstalling.

Re: Go to another motorcycle store then

XBrandon EdgeX /

My brother works at an auto repair/customizing place. He said they have a set and that I can come up there and use them. Thanks anyways, folks.

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