Hi everyone...I was wondering if you guys could tell me how to change the (drive?)belt on my '00 Kinetic seems to be just a little bit loose and it looks like it's getting worn. I'm afraid of it breaking while I'm riding my moped. Has that ever happened to any of you? Also, how would I know what size to buy?--I don't think it says anything in the manual. Would I take it off and take it to the store and try to match it up?

Perhaps it is the same type of belt that is found on a Kinetic TFR?


Re: Belt?


When my Piaggio (Vespa) Ciao belt needed to be replaced, I took it to an auto parts store. They measured the circumference and found me a new belt based on that. It is the same belt which is used on some lawn tractors. The Kinetic designs are very similar to those of Piaggio, so I assume you'll be able to do the same.


Re: Belt?


If it is a Magnum, you don't need tools, just strong hands. Carefully squeeze the two halves of the rear pully apart to have the belt creep to the middle of the pulley. Then you just slip it off the front pulley and work it off the back. Reinstallation is the reverse. Set the belt on the rear pulley and squeeze them apart ot have the belt drop in, then loop it around the front. Next time you pedal it, the belt will adjust itself automatically. Just be aware that you can pinch your fingers if you are not careful.

On a TFR, you have to loosen the muffler and engine mounts and slide the motor back to remove the belt, then readjust it by sliding the motor forward after installation. Don't forget to tighten the muffler.

Any auto parts store should be able to match up the belt.

A note on belts: they seldom break. You can loose a chunk of rubber from the part that rides in the groove and still use it to get home. If the outside of the belt has a tear, it will surely go. The strength of a belt is on the outside. The rubber portion that rides in the pulley just gives it grip. My Vespa Grande is missing a small chunk of rubber and it's still holding up after more than 500 miles.


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