If it was a horse, I'd have to shoot it.

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Well, thanks to Fred, and a combination of really oddball luck - the Targa has spark allright..why it alla the sudden decided to work beats the hell outta me tho.

No sooner did Fred and I get the damn thing running...than the trans went kaput, little to no forward motion and ominous clunking/rattling noises...oh what fun.

I'll crack the case and let y'all know, but I figure I would put the symptoms out and then the solution in case that's helpful to anyone else on here.

Oh...and Doug ? might be needin some more leftovers, dependin on what the hell is wrong it it - all else fails...I might just wanna buy one of those A3 Transmissions you got, and hook THAT up to this %#$@&$%#* A5 Pistonarm.

From the longer stroke, I suspect matching the A5 Head and Pistonarm to the A3 Trans (if I can get the timing setup right) might actually produce more power than either the A3 or A5 alone.

We'll see...I suppose.


Re: If it was a horse, I'd have to shoot it.

Hi Ree,I know what you mean about spark with my 78 G Bullet i still haven't found out the spark prob. i told this friend about it,he came down to take a look.i told him to watch the plug, he says to me whats wrong with spark looks good.i look down,heres the prettiest damn spark you ever saw. that last about a 1 min. then gone.Never got it back.So it just set its not going to drive me "crazy--er} C YA Dan

Re: If it was a horse, I'd have to shoot it.

hey ree,

i have a lot of extra parts for the a35. if u want i can send u a whole new tranny for cheap...say 70 bucks? the tranny is good and was in my bike till i got a new one... the tranny hooked up really nice at bottom end and never ever slipped. i got both clutches the drum the gears and if u want a countershaft.if u have a working crank for an a35 id be willing to make a trade. the big bore kit combined with a crank with 25000 miles on it came apart and ive been seeking a new one. well get back to me on that one.

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