Keep or remove Bi-Turbo packing

Anyone explain the advantages/dis of the packing in the Biturbo?

I have read posts talking about drilling the rivets and removing it. Common sense is that without restriction, flow would be better, but would that defeat the expansion chamber's design?

The packing must produce back pressure into the expansion chamber.

Let the debate begin. :)

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Re: Keep Bi-Turbo packing

Remove it and it will get louder and not go any faster.

The fiberglas packing is in there to retain a more respectable noise level.

If they ran a plain straight 'stinger' on the end of the pipe like they did on the old 2 stroke racing motorcycles back in the 60's.... you wouldn't believe the earsplitting wail you would hear while running it hard.

Re: Keep Bi-Turbo packing

Reeperette /

But I like that earsplitting wail....

Makes it kinda hard for a driver to "not see" you.


Re: Keep Bi-Turbo packing

i have 3 bi-turbos with just a stinger on the end..... very loud

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