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I have a NOS engine, it is a Sachs-Saxonette, 50cc, two-speed automatic transmission. I would like to know more technical info about the engine. Mainly the amount and type of oil for the transmission. I am planning on installing in a small motorcycle frame.</HTML>

RE: Sachs-Saxonette Engine Info

Bengt Andersson /

<HTML>Maybee I can help you beacuse I working on to put that engine i a scooter

I am in the wrong place now however and if You mail me I think I can help You with your Questions and give you some advice.


Re: Sachs-Saxonette Engine Info

i have a similar engine and i was told to use atf ( parts source

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anyone have info on the sachs/ saxonette 47cc engine in English if possible other wise anything/ drawings...thanx

Re: Sachs-Saxonette Engine Info

Did you look in the wiki ?

Re: Sachs-Saxonette Engine Info

Which Sachs motor? Have a pic of the dataplate?

I have a bunch of manuals for all sorts of different diagonal cylinder FS motors, not all in English though...

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