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Where can I find the original stickers for my 1978 Sachs Sundancer? Got a new paint job.

Re: Stickers

Unless you come across some old dealers stock at a swap meet, you won't find any, if your good with a paint brush and have some good blown up photos of your bike, you could make some passable substitutes or have a proffesional painter do it for you.

Re: Stickers

Try Pelders Transfers & Classic Parts - or similar sites.

I just ordered some Puch transfers from them, although they are not the original ones for my moped.

I don't know if they would have Sachs transfers or not. Hope this helps.

Re: Stickers

My brother works in a sign store and has all the equipment at his finger tips to make replicas of almost any type of sticker you can think of. He's making a copy of my Batavus Bronco gas tank stickers with the same silver lettering. I may be able to talk him into making some different moped stickers.

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