My Tomos/Sachs Project

I got tired of being slower than all the other mopeds in town, so I thought I'd turn the tables. I'm currently in the process of mounting a targa motor with Bi-Turbo pipe on my small, light Sachs frame. I already have the motor, chain, oil injection, and coil hooked up. All I need to do is get a tomos throttle cable, hook up all the lights, and I'll be all set. I have gotten to ride it a little, and I can tell I will never lose another race. I burried the needle on my sachs speedometer (+40), and kept accelerating. It also will pull wheelies very easily. I should get some pics REALLY soon.

Re: My Tomos/Sachs Project

Oops...the motor is out of a 1990 Golden Bullet, not a targa.

Re: My Tomos/Sachs Project

Sounds awesome Brock, funny, I have a Tomos Targa with a bi-turbo and im lucky if it its 42 :-(

Good luck with your project


Re: My Tomos/Sachs Project

Reeperette /

Very nice...the Golden Bullet A3 was the most powerful moped engine I've seen, putting even the A5's to shame, and on the Sachs frame I've no doubt it'll pull wheelies.

It also mounts up nicely to other frames, I've done that myself.

Good luck, and yes...get us some pics.


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