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I can't explain it, but my 79 Garelli Rally Sport has given me nothing but trouble since I brought it to Puerto Rico. It is in mint condition and had been in storage for 18+ years in Minnesota. It ran perfect in Minnesota when I got it running again this summer. To bring it here to Puerto Rico, I drained out all the gas and oil. When I tried to get it going after its arrival in Puerto Rico, it would barely run. I tore down the carburetor (Dellorto) and cleaned it out with Gumout and that fixed it. It ran perfect for a day or two and then the same thing happened. It started bogging down, no power. I cleaned out the carb again and it ran fine for a day. Then the same thing happened, bogged down, wouldn't rev. This time, cleaning out the carb didn't fix it completely - it got a little better but it still won't rev up to max. I'm at a loss to explain what's going on here. I read about re-jetting the carb for a leaner mixture, but I recall running it in hot, humid weather in Minnesota and never had a problem like this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Re: HELP Garelli not running well

You may still have to rejet it because of the change in eleveation, you're now at sea level ( unless you go up to the El Yunque rain forest ). Some carbs are really touchy about elevation.

Re: HELP Garelli not running well

what it sounds like isrust in the fule tank u need to clean out the tank replace thge fuel line buy an inline filter and clean out the carb again

Re: HELP Garelli not running well

Yup... install an inline fuel filter... then clean the carb AGAIN.. (and use compressed air to blow it out).

That should do it.

If not

See 'resources' above?

click on that

then click on 'articles'

then read "How to fix your Moped"

Wow!... no more cold winters for you huh ??

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