QT50 oil overflow hole?

after I got the bike running I started looking real close at all the oil levels to insure that I could ride the bike with out hurting it. when I checked the crank case oil it looked to be a bit low. After I added oil and started the engine I saw oil dripping off the bottom of the frame. upon closer examination I found what appears to be a small hole on the top rear portion of the crank case that appears to be some sort of over fill drain hole. When you start up the bike oil spurts out of this hole until a level is maintained when it no longer spurts out. Is this correct or do I ned to plug this hole?

Re: QT50 oil overflow hole?

So what oil level is maintained after all the oil spurts out? A really, really low oil level. Sounds to me that this is the vent hole, all transmissions have them, it just needs a breather or hose installed on it to return the spurtage back to the gearbox. Go to a Yamaha dealer and look at his parts breakdown to find out what Yamaha put in this particular orfice to keep the oil in and let the air out. Then buy it or construct a suitable replacement.

Re: QT50 oil overflow hole?

its just an over flow valve if u are relly worried about making sure then drain the fluid out th ebottom and refill it with nomore than the ammount it says on the side.

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