First crash and bogging

Hey guys and gals,

Sorry it's been a while since I've been on here, i met a really cool chick and have invested most of my spare time to her. But, I still love my ped and my hot rod (which i still can't drive).

I finally had my first spill the other day. I met a big pickup on a paved single lane road and he was hauling ass, so I headed for the ditch even though I coulda stopped in time. Once I was by, i figured out that first, he was going way too fast to have stopped and second, i couldn't get my damn front tire back on the asphalt.

I was going slow enuff but the I was going down such a super steep slope that the ass of the ped was hitting me in the ass as well. I finally decided that if I scrapped the ped, I would still be able to work and buy another one, so I bailed off and rolled.

I was pissed, of course, but the guy got out and was nice and three times my size, so I licked my wounds and went on...only two busted signal lights and a sore back.

Anyways, unrelated, my ped has lost serious power. It's a 2000 tomos targ a lx and only has about 1200 miles on it. When I say serious power, i'm only talking about one-eighth of a hp, but on a 2 hp rig, that's a ton. Anyways, I was wondering if someone could clue me in on some maintenance tips i'm probly overlooking. I'm confident i'm gonna gut the bi-turbo fiberglass crap since it's nothing more than an oil wad now. But, other than that, please help me....

Thanx a lot,


Re: First crash and bogging

Have you replaced the spark plug,and checked for carbon build-up in the exhaust? Could you have a brake dragging?

Re: First crash and bogging

gimmyjimmy /

Bad newz about the crash, glad your ok, it could have been worse.

Keep that up and your new honey won't want you to ride any more.:)

as for the bogging, are you sure the throttle is opening all the way, sounds like you like to "twist the wick" alot, maybe the cable stretched.

Ree knows Tomas well, he'll have an idea for ya.

Re: First crash and bogging

Hi Lane, when you pull the packing from biturbo, drill out the 3 pop rivets and remove the gold housing, I bet the series of small holes are stopped up! Been there before, and ck the exhaust port for build-up. By the way, do you have a spare carb mount? the square thing the carb slides on, I have a big bore type I want to replace on a ped Im fixing for resale, Later Doug in VA.

Re: First crash and bogging

Reeperette /

Check your cylinder bolts.

The damn things have a tendancy to strip during impacts like that.

After any serious spill I more or less take the cylinder, carb and exhaust off and do a full check on all of them, just to make sure.

If yer 'ped was running when it flipped, you might also wanna take a look at the rings, again, just in case.


Re: First crash and bogging

Thanks for the input guys, I've now checked all that stuff and found nothing wrong. Sorry Doug, I have no spare parts, I haven't messed with my ped for a while, it's been great for a long time.

I just gutted the bi-turbo, made a noise difference but no more torque or power. The engine started doing ( about a month ago) the four-stroking thing you guys keep talking about. When it's in a pull, it runs smooth, but when i'm goin down a hill where i can open it up, it starts sounding like a two cylinder that's only hitting on one cylinder. I;m a decent mechanic, but my mind is blown. Am I flooding or running lean? I figure it's gotta be something on the intake side.

I'm gonna strip it all and clean it just for fun, but is there any hint that i may need a different size jet in the carb? Can't remember the size that's in there, but it's stock. Did the addition of the bi-turbo mess this balance up?

Any help is always appreciated...



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