Fuel Mixture

Barbara Kan /

I know that the recommended ratio of oil to gas is 1:50 and awhile back I did take the time to figure this out with a measuring cup, but I have forgotten and did not make a note of it.

Can anyone tell me simply how many ounces of oil to mix with a gallon of gas? (I have never been good at recipes, either!)

Re: Fuel Mixture

SteelToad /

Why not just mix 1 gallon of oil with 50 gallons of gas, and you'll never need to

worry about it again :-)

I use 3 oz / gallon, I think that's actually more than needed, but I run a modified

bike about 55mph down the highway and would really rather not have it seize

while I'm waving at the car I'm passing

Re: Fuel Mixture

Simple as this,Barb! Anything BETWEEN 3 and 4 oz. is good for your engine! How's that? Send me some chocolate chip cookies,please! 40 dough to each choc. chip will be fine.

Re: Fuel Mixture

Reeperette /

3oz per Gallon = 43:1, easy to measure and a little on the safe side.

2.6oz Per Gallon = 50:1, harder to measure, but the exact ratio.

Most folks use 3-4oz per Gallon, which works well enough, it's only when you want to get into performance upgrades that you'll go crazy over mixture exactness.


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