Gearbox/Transmission tutorials?

James Corbally /

Does anyone know if there's a tutorial for how the gearbox in mopeds/scooters works, and explains the various components, eg. pulleys, variator, rollers etc.

It wouldn't need to be detailed, just a general explanatory overview, with some nice diagrams perhaps?

Or is this wishful thinking....



Re: Gearbox/Transmission tutorials?

You could go to your local library or if you have a set of encyclopedias, look up transmission, or torque converter. Your library may have books on motorcycles with illustrations. A good maintenance manual for your particular bike will usually explain how everything works as well as providing drawings, photos, and diagrams.

Re: Gearbox/Transmission tutorials?

Reeperette /

Mostly wishful thinkin, but this...if you ever need to mess with a Tomos transmission, just get a polaroid camera, a scanner...and this Email.

Seems to have helped quite a few folks out.


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