Tomos No Spark

Hi everybody; just got a 87 Golden Bullet i got no spark. I kick it the juice flows to the coil. im using a light,because i'm not smart enough to read a meter.Does it sound like the coil maybe shot. Thanks Dan

Re: Tomos No Spark

Could this be a taillight burned out?

Re: Tomos No Spark

well Don, the rear bulb was shot i replaced it and nothing happened except the plug wire fell out of the coil.back to the coil,i thought it would be to easy.Thanz Dan

Re: Tomos No Spark

Reeperette /

Check, and double check...that connection to the coil, if need be clip the wire shorter or get a new one...the way it hooks up to the coil in the Tomos seems a bit ridiculous and not very solid to begin with, so made very sure of it.

Check the plug cap as well, and make sure of the plug.

Those coils don't go bad often, so I doubt that.

Also check the points and condensor if it's an older model.


Re: Tomos No Spark

Well now, i just took the fly wheel off and cleaned everything up .set &cleaned the points.Still nothing. When i kick over the lights&horn work,i put new bulbs in.The plugwire that fell out of the coil has juice going through the cap&wires i checked it before i put it back on.Nothing Has new plug. Still open for suggestions!thanz Dan

what do you call a smart blonde?

A Golden Retriever

Re: Tomos No Spark

Have you repaired this ped yet??? Please reply! Homie

Re: Tomos No Spark

No still setting here not really getting much help.i have checked all the wires and current is going the light, horn .etc. thats all i know. Dan

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