how thick?

how thick should my brake pad be? how do i know if itz too thin and i need to replace it on a garelli? Also, is it ok to screw my brake cable into the brake while pushing the brake arm down so that i get more resistance and quicker response from the brake, or should i just keep it loose and keep pushing the brake lever all the way down to stop? any info on brakes would help. also, what bearing is don talking about?

Re: how thick?

I'm talking about your rear wheel bearings which, if they're the drop-in type, can fall out and run all over your drive or garage.There's a certain number needed for good adjustment,but LISTEN,you don't want to just tear that thing apart if you're not familiar with wheel bearings and re-packing and adjusting them.So go slow and ask questions,like you're doing.NOW ABOUT YOUR BRAKE....YES, you can take up the slack as long as you have 1/3" free travel of the brake arm before the brake shoes drag the drum slightly.If you have a manual it tells you everything you need to know usually.SHOP manual,that is.As far as lining,you only need 1/16th inch or so at minimum,unless they're riveted and the rivets are exposing themselves to the brake drum.Hope This Helps!

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