How dose this Hot Humid weather effect your mopeds.

Me when I am in work, and the sun and heat is beating down on my mopeds I go slower. In Southern Ontario for sure It is Hot Humid/smog warnings right now and it seems to beat on my moped. Dose anyone elso have problems in the humid air

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Seven of nine /

I got in an argument about this. I say the air is thick, wet, and soupy, with low pressure. so the engine has to work harder to breathe

My bike runs better in they dry, cool, crisp air of autumn. Damn, it runs fine

My step father claims that it is because the engine parts expand and cause extra friction

I choose the first one as correct-- others?

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Here in Montreal, is the same, i have a Peugeot 103 . I dont used when is very humid... The moped have no pewer!

I think I detect a lie !

The Moped Gawd /

Because 7 of 9 doesn't have a... 'dad'...she was spawned by the collective... therefore I believe this post is the beginning of a plot to overthrow the Moped Army by the Borg.

Man your battlestations!

Re: Heat

Ya now power is right I was pushing 10 trying to get home from work las night so I walked it home.

Seven of nine both sound like reasons but first thought it was because of the moisture in the air my self,

your step fathers idea dosent make sence to me because the motor runs hotter than that anywhy and I think the heat the motor produces is hotter then the heat in the air.

I agree with the motor finding it hard to breath and it is air cooled and when the air cannot cool its so hot that cannot be good either.

My bike runs great to work in the early morning and n cool days just try and stop me, you know

Great I was hoping it was the hea and not my bike.

Re: Heat

Hate to disappoint you people,but here in Southern Ohio it's as humid as anywhere you're talking about,and my MOTOMARINA with Minarelli engine hasn't weakened at all! But I did modify my air box a while back to provide plenty of air so maybe that's it. Loosen your air box or remove it or some plugs in it and see if your power returns. BYE!

Re: Heat

Humidity does have some affect, but primarily it is heat which causes the Air Density to lessen. Thus, the air that is flowing into your induction system is less dense and draws less fuel up through the jets. Less fuel + Less Air = Less Power. This is a phenomenon that all pilots have to deal with as low air density means less available power from the engine and more speed is necesary to produce lift from the wings in the thinner air. Hot Rodders and Drag Racers also contend with "charge air density", especially guys running Supercharged/Turbocharged engines. The idea is always to keep the air flowing into the engine as cold as possible. Drag Cars always turn better times in colder whether. So, that is what you're experiencing. Come Fall, you will notice better acceleration and top speed.

Re: Heat

Don't forget that as air gets colder it gets denser AND therefore more OXYGEN gets into the cylinder. This affects your mixture. In winter you will find that any carburated engine will run leaner and in the summer it will run richer, providing you don't adjust the mixture accordingly. This is where you will find a loss or gain in performance. Incidentally, in the winter an air-cooled engine will have a harder time keeping at peak operating temp while in the summer it is better able to maintain the best temp. Humid air is also a much better conductor of heat. You will have a MUCH greater chance of overheating in Phoenix in August than in this muggy weather we have in Toronto now. I mean 36 celcius (98F) with 60% humidity...come on. That's just not right!


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You guys still haven't explained why my Minarelli is unaffected by 95 degrees and 80% humidity on 115 mi. long bike rides.Is it the extra holes I drilled and the snout I fabricated or what?I mean,that thing has every bit as much get up and go as it had in 60 degree weather.I bet Simon would just say Minarellis are special and leave it at that.

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Jamie Leonard /

Might be the increased air flow due to your modifications.. last summer here in Toronto I had the air shroud on my targa, this summer I have removed it... and I think I'm running a little bit better with no other adjustments. (Hard to tell with toronto weather at times however, it's cool and then hot and then something entirely different the next day.... ah the joys of unpredictibility.


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It must be, Don! My Puch definitely performs differently according to the ambient air temps. On a nice 70 degree day it runs a lot stronger than on a 100 degree day...

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Yeah,that surprises me about your temps. being so high!About my mod to my air cleaner: I guess a blind pig CAN find an acorn once in a while.

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Jamie Leonard /

Toronto actually has a higher average temp. than chicago (for example) nd being a big city, with lots of concrete, trust me we do manage to bake to a toasty brown in.... but its the humidity that is a killer as usual. :) (and me with a leather jacket while riding... even during the hottest days I prefer intact skin to being cool)

Ah well, with a good set of green lights ahead of me and a 50kph breeze cooling me off while riding downtown... I do alright :)


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well, i just did a mileage calculation and it seems i'm getting 10 more km per litre now that the weather has warmed up. and my moped seems to be happier in this weather.

but that aphid storm wasn't too pleasing.

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Hi,Pat! Have you noticed any performance drop or sluggishness like these guys have?Since your mileage came up considerably I'd like to know what kind of bike and engine you are running.THANKS!

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it's a '83 honda pa50II. she actually never ran too well before, but then this weather hit, and she started running great. go figure. i don't think the engine is anything special, and i haven't done anything with her except fiddle with the idle screws. she probably needs her carb cleaned out. does anyone know a place in toronto that'll do this for me?

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i have a general with a minarelli engine, and don... it runs

great in this weather...i ran it over 50 miles yesterday and the temps were topping out at around 95 plus misery index equals 105.

does it have any thing to do with the air cooling system of

the minarellis?

swarm and then destroy


Re: Heat

Wade,that might be it! Minarellis have a great fan-forced cooling system and it never dawned on me that maybe people's engine's are getting hotter.I wonder if that PA 50 of Pat's has forced cooling?You may have hit on it.THANKS!

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gimmyjimmy /


How bout that, a General in the Army, cool.

I ride a General also, what year is yours and how ya like it?

Re: Heat

i have an 82 general that i got from akron ohio

it is a top tank and i just got it painted this crazy

copper, orange hybrid thing, it has a polini exhaust and

a 1515 dellorto carb, and i have topped it out at 37mph

i will take some pictures and post them in my member porfile

thing, i am really happy with it. i am working on a puch maxi

and a puch magnum right now. and they are much more difficult

to work on than the minarelli engine. easy to maintain good runner.


Re: Heat

what do you think of my peugeot 103

now he is in marine blue

it goes about 70km/h

it has a 55cc fast

13mm carb

Re: Heat

try doing it yourself...you'll learn a lot more, and save yourself some cash. plus it is rewarding to know that if anything breaks, that you can fix it.

Heat/ Hows the weather?

My mopeds have always run best in the late summer, early fall. I think the cool dry air is best.

The humid hot air or cool dry air can greatly affect your moped performance--- the thick humid air must be almost like a liquid when your card tries to suck it in....

(I'm guessing here--not an expert or a meteorologist....)

I think of it this way-- You've got a tiny engine, going maximum throttle-- working it to the max every day.

Wind, weight, poor quality fuel, temperature, humidity, condensation in tank (Due to cool nights and HOT days) all of these can have an impact.

And you notice the difference, cause one day you're going 27 even, and the next day, you hit 33.... the only change is the weather.

I've also heard you need to adjust your carb, to help 'adjust' to the seasons changing. I don't know how good that info is-- a Harley guy told me that he does it on his bike when the seasons change.

I have no doubt that even Low pressure or high pressure systems have the potential to affect performance.

I work at a huge company--- the building is almost totally sealed, except for the ventilation systems.

How's the weather? In Maine, it's been cold, but this week is getting sunnier and a lot warmer.

When there is a huge daytime atmospheric pressure drop or increase, and you leave the building you open the door, and the air either rushes out of the building, like air from a baloon, or rushes into the building like someone taking a deep breath....

Would high pressure force more air into your intake? Would low pressure make it harder to get enough air?

On a huge engine-- little changes don't seem to have an effect--- but a moped is so small, and always running at "top end" I think subtle changes can have a big effect-- and you notice the changes more, because you're always at full throttle.

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