QT50 runs for 15 seconds and then dies

I finally resolved my spark problem (loose spark plug cap on end of plug wire). Now when I try to crank it up it floods and appears to flood really bad. The only time I can get it to run is to let the bike sit over night and all day. Then it cranks up first crank and runs at high RPM for 10 to 15 seconds then dies when ever I try to use the throttle or release the choke. After it dies it will not start and quickly floods again. No amount of cranking does any thing other then wear out your leg. Any Ideas or suggestions?

Re: QT50 runs for 15 seconds and then dies

An idea that comes to mind is to make sure you have the main jet in carburator.

Re: QT50 runs for 15 seconds and then dies

i am not familiar with the qtfifty, but it sounds like

the choke isn't shutting off when you grip the throttle.

is gas leaking badly out of the carb?, like onto the ground?

what kind of carb is it?

love wade

QT50 success

after dissassembly of the carburator, and cleaning it out again and insuring that all was functioning it started on the first try. The tip that really helped the most was a co worker recommended that I look thru the carburator air intake to insure that the throttle valve was all the way in and that the throttle functioned properly prior to re installation.

It appears that there is still enough gunk in the carburator to plug up the main jet but we now know how to clean that all out unitl I get all the crap out of the carburator. I am sure that nothing is getting into the carburator from the tank as I replaced teh fuel line and added an inline fule filter.

Re: QT50 success

gimmyjimmy /

clean the carb float bowl out, that's where crud accumilates,

are you at the Boeing plant in Ridley?

Re: QT50 runs for 15 seconds and then dies

Rob Gibbons /

dude, clean the freakin carb!

i hate wen sumthin that dumb happens

Re: QT50 runs for 15 seconds and then dies

mabye adjust the carb, or your out of fuel?

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