New Honda Elite 50S /has intersting 'dust' on real

Maybe one of you can help me understand this interesting occurance...

I have a new honda elite 50s - I have put 325 miles on it so far. after about 125 miles i noticed a fine black powdery (maybe rubbery/oily but sorta dry) dust on the LEFT side of the rear wheel.I cleaned it off and it is now back again.

I can not decide if this is from road dust, rubber from the drive belt, dust from the rear drum brake or exhaust percipitate that somehow gets ducked through from the right side over to the left leaving nothing on the right.

I sort of think it is either the brake or the drive belt due to it location on the left. Is this normal ?

Re: New Honda Elite 50S /has intersting 'dust' on

mike hartel /

it might be the dust guard on the carb and behind the air box o and if your looking for high performence stuff for your elite go to this website

Re: New Honda Elite 50S /has intersting 'dust' on

I just bought a Tomos specifically a Targa LX. I am a new comer so someone tell me if this was the best one to buy or not?

Re: LX Tomos

Wayne Broderick /

I didn't like the looks of the LX, like a phony motorcycle, so I chose the Targa. I like the step through "moped" look. I almost bought the LX--

It should be a great bike, Ree's spoke highly about Tomos in general.

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