air filter and brakes

i just bought a 1978 garelli rally sport with a lot of little things wrong with it. I've taken care of most of the problems now and it runs great. I was wondering however, about my rear brake. It does not work. I spin the tire with my hand and push on the brake shaft that the cable is connected to; and it only slows the tire a small amount. the front brake, however- is very responsive when put to the same test. Do you think I just need to replace the shoe? Also, I noticed my carburator has no air filter, how bad is this for the engine if i just ride on city streets and stuff? Also, is there any way to make my own air filter instead of ordering online and having to deal with all that?

Re: air filter and brakes

Yeah,Dimitris! You need an air filter.You're not out on the water so dust and debris is a problem.Not to mention rain and splash.Several guys have fashioned their own filters or ordered a K&N from a parts store and adapted it.Of course a factory airbox is best,USUALLY.About your brakes:Just remove the rear wheel and be careful not to lose the wheel bearings if they're the drop-in type.TAKE A LOOK at those brakes! They're very important! If you've got some lining left,they might be O.K.. Someone might have tried to lube the rear bearings and gotten oil on them.Just take brake parts cleaner and wipe off the excess crud,but don't breathe the dust.Then using the brake parts cleaner or rubbing alcohol sand them crossways with 200 grit sandpaper,but don't get it in the bearings.Clean and sand your drum also.Adjust the brake arm the way you want it and make sure you have 1/3" free travel before that arm engages the shoes against the drum,`cause brake drag on 50 cc is a killer.Oh,and clean and re-grease your drop-in bearings but don't adjust too tight!Get `er goin'!BYE!

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