Don't mean to whine...

Well, it finally runs, goes about 30. My 1986 Honda Spree that is. Only one question left really. Should my transmission(the belt drive type) be whining? When going 30 not only can you hear the engine revving like mad but the transmission makes a profound whining noise. If this is considered "normal" I won't worry, but since this is the only one I've ever been around I thought I'd ask. By the way, thanks for all of the help available here on the forum, especially Fred's guide. With a little reading and a good deal of persistence I am ready to buy a mirror or two for this puppy and get tags and insurance. Can't wait to actually ride this baby legally around town:)

Thanks in advance for any and all input.

Brian S

Re: Don't mean to whine...

I fixed and rode a Spree 2 months ago... and I remember a 'gear whine'... so it is probably normal.

Re: Don't mean to whine...

Reeperette /

Tranny "Whine" is commonplace in the Honda Spree and Tomos Targa...and is not a sign of problems, just happens to be one of those quirks, I guess.


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