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Can anybody help me identify a smart little 50cc racer that I have just bought ? It has the frame number CH50274 and two Fantic-type 50cc engines with it ,317362 & 002004.It has clip-on bars and an unusual double sided twin hub front brake.It seems mostly original ,other than the seat .Any help will be greatly appreciated so that I can restore the bike.Thanks, Trevor.

Re: Mystery 50

Fred? Freeeddd!

Re: Mystery 50

There should be a tag on the frame or steering head stating all the info. It might be a Gemini, any clue to the year it was made.

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try calling those numbers to a bike, motercycle shop, all types of pleaces here I have a Hully Gully that sells boays, all terain vehicles, motercycles, generatore, go to their web site at I know you may not live near it but e-mail the guy in parts there and maybe the'll help. That is where Ive gotten some of my moped stuff

Good Luck

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