oil and gas -4 strokes

Hay everone,

I have a 1975, Honda PC-50,

I was running it on valvoline maxlife, but I have swiched to Castrol Synthetic.

Is it better to run it on synthetic on natural???? Dose the age of the motor matter, or does it matter at all what kind of oil I use.


I also usually run it off of a supreme gas( the most money one) and I find a little better performance but it burns hotter. Is there any damage I can be doing by running it on this?


I have been getting the second guess about these decisions from my friends and have begun to second guess my selk. If anyone has some advise on this please let me know

Thanks in advance


don't worry

Where do you live?

If you live in the US or UK or Canada or Europe... don't worry...

Oil... all the automotive oils are fine for your 4 stroke Honda... including synthetic.

Gas.... none of the gas's you can buy will hurt your engine... but you are probably wasting money on premium gas... only high compression motors need that.

Re: don't worry

I live in Canada,

One of my friend was saying that I will burn out my piston, or over heat the motor with the premium gas. It gives me a little more power I find. But if It wont do any damage what is 10 more cents, to get that little extra power. Dose it have any long term damage??

Re: don't worry

If you get a little boost from it,like Fred said,it won't hurt.Actually premium gas may run cooler because of less chance of predetonation.Go for it! Just make sure your timing is set to spec.for that engine.

Re: don't worry


How can I make sure my timing is set to spec. Also what damage can it do if I am off a little bit? Can I burn out my rings

Re: don't worry

Off a little bit,no damage,just performance drop.Off a lot = burned or melted piston,valve pinging from predetonation if 4-stroke.If it has points,set them accurately and if it runs good don't worry about it.BYE!

Read this Jason >> quit worrying!

Somebody put it into your head that the gas you buy can hurt your motor.

This is simply not true!

Whoever told you that is wrong.

Unless your motor has been radically modified for more performance... then any of the gas's you can buy at a gas station in Canada CANNOT HURT YOUR MOTOR.

So stop worrying.

The gasoline companies and motor companies work together to make sure their products work together... if it caused damage then people would never buy their products again.

Ride your ped and smile and enjoy the ride.

And keep in mind that a lot of people talk about things that they don't know the truth about... if they try to get you to worry about it some more... You tell them that you... "went to the dealer and had the fuel fragellater recalibrated for premium"

....that will shut them up.... and you can laugh at the confusion on their faces!

(there is no 'fuel fragellater")

Re: Read this Jason >> quit worrying!

gimmyjimmy /

There is too a fuel fragellater,

it's right next to the muffler bearing!

Re: Read this Jason >> quit worrying!

Get ready for muffler bearing questions,folks! (;()

Re: Read this Jason >> quit worrying!

Thanks everone

I guess I over thought it, the friend who told me that is a car guy who only buys natural oils and regular gas, and with my motor being an old `75 I questestioned my decision. Especialy afterI just gave it a complete restore and just got over a tirty carb problem.

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