Price Check

Wayne Broderick /

How much for a 91 tomos, sprint... no gas cap, runs, but has to be pedaled like hell before it does. Girl wants to sell it, its in good shape, don' t know how many miles on it yet

Re: Price Check

Reeperette /

Blue book on that is $610.00 - but that's for a fully reconditioned unit.

I'd offer $450-$500 for it from a private party.


Re: Price Check

Wayne Broderick /

That's what I figured, I plan on offering her 400 and fixing it up. I begged her not to put it up in the classified until I got a shot at it. She's trying to determine "fix or sell" would be perfect, cause I want to modify my main stereo ped (targa) but having a back up for when I botch the piston kit would be good so I have wheels.

Plus, it has pedals, so I'd truly have a moped.

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