<HTML>couppe of problems 1 my 1978 motobecane mobilette wont run unless i hold in the choke, it dies as soon as i let it go . whats wrong? what can i do to fix it?

2 once i do get it going I can't stop. theres some problem with the fromt break. either it doesnt work or it locks up when I use it (which can really suck) . a friend of mine helped me take the wheel off to check the bearings, they were fine, the cones were fine, but there were mettal shaveings around the brakes. any advice would be apeciated.

dave </HTML>

RE: choke

<HTML>take the carb off and clean every thing out it work for mine </HTML>

RE: choke

mopedsped /

<HTML>you might have to adjust the carb, try turning the adjustment screw a turn or two to the left


RE: choke

<HTML>The crankcase engine seals are leaking air.This will require an engine disassembly to repair.

Moped parts - service manuals - service tips available from and more</HTML>

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