I think I was miss under stood

I live my moped and any of my friends I wash her at leat once a week, run it off the best gas and oil nd the best spark plugs. I also have given her a compleat bottom to top rstoration I even had the kick stand re painted, I would never kick my moped let along leave it anywhere with out me close by. or leave it not locked up.

I have given it all new gas lines, fuel line shut of, I treated the insides of the tank to remove any rust and I have cleaned tha carb with the new air filter to make sure its running clean, better for the motor. I have cleaned any old road grimes off every thing and even had the handle bars re-cromed. I also lock it up even when it is at my own home. Now I dont live in a bad neighbourhood but I car than dam much (sob)

Now please take that back, for me and my moped are one




Okay,Jason! I'll go shut that 466 c.i. down now ! I'll take your word that you're not a ped abuser.I take it back! I didn't want to drive that gas hog all the way up there anyway.Ha!



Actually If I can get those pic of My bike I will be sure to show them off and you will see her in all her glorie. Pin stripes, peurl paint, crom and all.

Sorry I love my bike, what can I say


Re: Sorry GJ

gimmyjimmy /

That's ok Fred, I thought it was one of those things like Chevy vs. Ford.

I had a snobby BMW rider give me a hard time once (his girlfriend wanted a ride on my Harley) but I got over it, and I don't begrudge any BMW riders now.

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